Executive Committee

Bishop David A. Bard, Ex Officio
Bishop David A. BardEx Officio
Rev. Carol Jones
Rev. Carol Johns Executive Director
Claude Oleson
Claude Oleson President & Professional Skills Chair
Charissa Shawcross
Charissa Shawcross Vice-President & Community Dev. Chair
Amy Brown
Amy Brown Secretary
Pearl Lewis
Pearl Lewis Treasurer and Finance Chair
Rev. Dr. Wes Brun
Rev. Dr. Wes Brun Leadership Training Chair
Ken Harrington
Ken Harrington Board Development Chair
Rev. Dr. James Boayue, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Charles Boayue, Jr. Ex Officio, Detroit Renaissance District Superintendent
Bob ODaniel
Bob O’Daniel Insurance Chair
William Hackett
William Hackett Advisory Chair
Ron McIntyre
Ron McIntyre Investment Chair
Rev. Jeffery Regan
Rev. Jeffery Regan Staff Relations Chair
Ray McGee
Rev. Ray McGee Real Estate Chair
Cliff Stallings
Cliff Stallings Youth and Young Adult Chair
Rev. Dr. Jill Zundel
Rev. Dr. Jill Zundel Congregational Growth and Development Chair

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"Not only does Motown Mission help heal a wounded community, it does so in a way that enables young people to learn life lessons and develop skills valuable to the workforce."

Ephraim T., Motown Mission Intern