Goals and Achievements

2010 United Methodist Union of Greater Detroit Goals

Rev. Dr. William A. Ritter, Executive Director

  • By November 2010, I will have completed Strengths and Sustainability Study of the 18 United Methodist congregations located within the Detroit City limits. This will include statistical analyses, site visits, along with conversations with pastoral leaders and District Superintendents. My only objective is to create an internal document that will shape future priorities and inform future decisions of the United Methodist Union.
  • By September 2010, I will have identified at least 2 congregations that are poised, positioned and prepared to move to the “next level”. Working with these congregations I will recommend the United Methodist Union’s support of a particular initiative or ministry plan that will assist their congregations in a movement from seed time to harvest.
  • By the end of 2010, I will have reduced the list of our “properties under management” by 4.
  • By the end of 2010, I will have designed and offered a short-term course for a limited number of pastors (6-8) on the subject of preaching.
  • By August of 2010, I will have facilitated the move of our office to Metropolitan United Methodist Church in Detroit.

Note: It is assumed that these goals are above and beyond the customary objectives of the Executive Director’s position.

2010 Board Development Committee Goals

Rev. Kenneth Bryant, Jr., Chair

The Board of Development Committee submits the following 2010 ministry goals and meeting schedule for consideration.

  • Identify potential board members who will serve and add depth to the many areas of mission and ministry of the United Methodist Union.
  • Screen potential board members to meet future needs.
  • Recommend potential board members for election.
  • Provide orientation/training for new board members.

Proposed 2010 Tuesday 4:30 pm meeting schedule: June 15, August 17, September 14, October 12 and November 16.

2010 Finance Committee Goals

Mary Fayerweather, Chair

  • Prepare a budget for 2011, for approval at the October 14, 2010 Annual Meeting.
  • Undergird the budget with a calculated appraisal of revenue (to be expected from apportionments, earned interest, investment and other sources).
  • Balance the budget in a manner congruent with the aforementioned appraisal of revenue.



(January 1, 2009 – June 1, 2009)

  • Provided salary support to 17 pastors
  • Provided refinancing to 2 churches ($1.2 million)
  • Provided building repair loans to 3 churches
  • Given mission grants to churches in Detroit and Pontiac
  • Underwritten scholarship for the “Pastoral Care Specialist Program”
  • Launched a legal aid clinic for UMC immigrants
  • Parcelled out the contents of 1 church to 21 others
  • Buckstopped YLI, a model youth leadership program
  • Contracted with Diana Butler Bass for a leadership seminar
  • Partnered in multiple summer programs for children, youth and clergy families
  • Addressed 2 roof leaks and a flooded basement
  • Leased 2 buildings, sold 1, and managed 12 others
  • Mournfully remembered 1 Executive Director and enthusiastically welcomed another
  • Partnered to preserve 2 historic churches
  • Provided some useful service, from consulting to cash, to 46 of our 95 churches, plus 3 from another district
  • Restructured our Board on a more programmatic paradigm

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